Privacy Policy

Your ideas are important and we take your privacy very seriously. This policy was written to explain how we protect your data and who has access to it. If you have any questions or concerns please send us an email at privacy@exobrain.co.

Map Data

All maps created on Exobrain are private by default and are only accessible by you. Maps will not be indexed or accessible by any search engine. Our team will not access your data without your permission (for example: a support request). We may run anonymous usage profiling over the database, but we will not inspect your data with human eyes, only the soulless eyes of an emotionless machine.

In the future, we may add features that allow other people to access your data, such as tools for sharing and collaboration. These features will be opt-in and your maps will never be shared without your permission. If we add any features of this nature we will notify you and update this privacy policy.


All traffic on Exobrain runs over SSL. All passwords are encrypted with bcrypt at level 10, the industry standard for salted passwords. That means all your communication to and from our servers is encrypted at bank level security.

Last updated August 18, 2012